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Areas Of Practice

What We Do

Fabbri Law Offices was founded on the principal that the practice of law is a profession. Professional attorneys need to focus their practices on specific areas of the law in order to provide their clients with the best possible representation.  Fabbri Law Offices is not a general practice law firm.  Fabbri Law Offices has chosen to focus its legal practice on personal injury law, construction litigation, and commercial litigation / business advising.  Fabbri Law Offices represents plaintiffs and defendants in all of these areas (as well as those looking to avoid litigation from the start).  With experience gained over years of representing clients in these types of matters, Fabbri Law Offices, and attorney Dan Fabbri, have been long trusted advisers for clients where the outcomes are life changing, both for individuals and businesses.

Personal Injury Law

Litigating personal injury lawsuits is a complex proposition, whether it be pursuing a case for a plaintiff (the injured victim) or defending the rights of a defendant (the alleged person or company at fault).  Having a personal injury attorney with experience in a variety of areas of injury law affords you, the client, the best chance for success with your injury case.  Personal injury lawsuits can involve a lot more than just the typical car crash.  Some injury claims are based on simple negligence, others can be based on codes or statutes passed by the legislature, and there can also be injury claims involve both.  Below are just some of the areas of personal injury law that Fabbri Law Offices litigates cases in (and often handles these cases for plaintiffs on a contingent fee basis, where the victim client owes no money for legal fees unless a recovery is made):


  • Car Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Truck crashes

  • Slip and Falls

  • Defective Products Claims

  • General Negligence Claims

  • Trip and Falls

  • Nursing Home Negligence


Construction Litigation

Construction lawsuits are a distinct area of law unto themselves.  Matters related to construction injuries (where a person or construction worker was injured on a jobsite) as well as cases for property damage (where a construction defect allegedly caused damage to the property or the belongings of those within the building) can be very complicated matters.  Complex, multi-party litigation is common in construction lawsuits.  Fabbri Law Offices has extensive experience in connection with construction litigation, having represented not only Plaintiffs in matters related to damage to structures from construction issues, but also defending contractors who were alleged to have acted negligently in doing their work, whether that resulted in damage to property or an injury to a construction worker.

Commercial Litigation / Advising Businesses

Commercial litigation is simply litigation between two or more businesses, or two parties with respect to a business transaction.  Breach of contract cases (oral and written contracts), as well as trade secret / unfair competition litigation, are common types of commercial litigation.  These types of suits can involve anything from lost profit claims, to failure to pay for goods or services, claims related to real estate transaction, all the way to outright fraud, just to name a few.  With a wide-ranging knowledge base, Fabbri Law Offices can not only handle your case in a professional matter, but also advise you, the client, the best way to approach the litigation from a business standpoint.  Fabbri Law Offices understands that businesses (as well as individuals) faced with the prospect of any sort of commercial litigation need to focus not only on the outcome of the case, but also how pursing or defending the case will impact their day-to-day business.  Even if a dispute is not yet crystalized in a lawsuit, Fabbri Law Offices can help advise as to how to approach the matter to provide you the best possibility of getting the outcome you need.  Fabbri Law Offices routinely helps small businesses (including not for profit organizations) with decisions on how to most effectively operate their organizations in an ever increasingly complex legal landscape.  By advising small businesses and similar organizations before litigation or legal problems arise, Fabbri Law Offices is able to keep its clients on the right path to success, and in some cases, avoid litigation all together.